The Writing Your Memoir eBook is Now Available!

writing-your-memoir-ebookIt’s Here, It’s Here!

I’m in several writing groups online, and it happens time and time again. You want to write a memoir, but you’re struggling. It’s easy to come up with memories and things that are funny or interesting, but how do you string them all together? How do you decide what to cut? Will anyone even care?

If self-doubt is the plague of all writers (which I know it is), then the memoir writers have been served with an even nastier strain.

It’s because of my friends and colleague’s struggles that I decided to work on this project. Answering question after question on messaging boards was good, but my reach didn’t expand wide enough, that way. I’d reply, offer advice, and hope that more than one person was struggling with the same issue, and that all of them would see my reply.

I didn’t like those odds.

When I started my post series about how to write a memoir, my goal was to put together a useful toolkit for aspiring authors who may be struggling with creating a compelling book that will effectively tell their story. The Memoir writing industry is booming, and it can be difficult to tell whether your book is one of the good ones or completely lousy because you’re close to the content. Let’s be real, here. You’re writing about events that actually happened to you; how could you be totally impartial?

But Wait, There’s More

I don’t want to send you off with just one resource. That’s why, in addition to the eBook, you can have me look over your book blurb. (For the book blurb service there is a small fee to help compensate me for my time, but I’d love to help you flesh it out and help people take an interest in your life, and your story!) Whether you’re writing for yourself and your family, or for the world at large, a book blurb will help do some of the selling for you (even if you’re not trying to make literal sales.)


Does it sound like something you’d like to check out? If so, click here or one of the above images to check out the eBook. Get started on your memoir today, and lose the excuses.

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