Want to Read More in 2016? Huge Kindle Discount!

Read-more-in-2016Want to read more in 2016? Start the year off right with something spooky! For a limited time, Bad Neighborhood will be on sale for Kindle. If you’re like me, your goal for ‘number of books read’ for the year is always much longer than you end up having time for. I’ve found that the trick is to start strong so that when your schedule begins to fill up throughout the year you can still make your goal. (It’s an approach that seems to work for Nanowrimo, so why not for reading?)

The sale on Amazon will go into effect for and customers, I’m not able to change rates for or any other areas yet, but if I do I will be sure to announce it! – or USA Readers:

The US-based sale will run from January 1, 2016 at 8am EST-January 8, 2016 at 3am EST. Keep reading, though! The sale will have different prices throughout, with each step heading back towards the original $4.99 price tag. Please pounce on these deals while you can, because we don’t intend to drop the price this dramatically in the near future.

January 1 8a-January 2 8a: This will be the greatest discount by far. For this short 24 hour span, you can get Bad Neighborhood for your Kindle or other mobile device (using the FREE Kindle Reading App) for the ridiculously low price of $0.99! That’s 81% off retail, and you WILL NOT find a better price anywhere.

January 2 8am EST-January 4, 8am EST: Bad Neighborhood will be $1.99. With $3.00 off a book containing 29 stories, poems, and multiple pieces of original artwork, this isn’t an ebook deal to be missed!

January 4, 8am EST-January 6, 8am EST: If you missed the first several days of sales, don’t fret. The book will only be $2.99 from Jan 4-Jan 6.

January 6, 8am EST-January 8, 3am EST: Our multi-author horror anthology from Spooky Words Press will be on sale for $3.99 until January 8th at 3am EST when it returns to its regular $4.99 price. – or UK Readers:

The UK sale will be shorter and have fewer price tiers, so please take note of what the rate is prior to making a purchase. This sale will run from January 5th and 9am GMT (4am EST) to January 10 at 12am GMT. If you’ve been thinking about getting Bad Neighborhood you won’t find a better time. As I stated in the above section, we won’t be dropping the price this dramatically in the near future.

January 5 at 9am GMT-January 7 at 9am GMT: You will be able to buy Bad Neighborhood for the low, low price of £0.99.

January 7 at 9am GMT-January 10, 12am GMT: The ebook will be £1.99. After midnight on January 10, the book will return to its original price!

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