3 Free Android Photo Apps

top-3-android-photo-appsSo you’re a blogger or aspiring social media juggernaut, but you don’t have Photoshop or an advanced digital camera to take photos with. You know about great stock photo sites, but you want your website and social media accounts to look polished, professional, and cohesive – even when you’re the one taking photographs.

Great! I have compiled a list of the top 3 FREE Android Photo Apps for you to try out to improve your brand, blog, or business. I’ve dropped my list from a top 10 to a top 3 because you don’t want all of the space on your device to be taken up by apps when you really only need one or two to get the job done.

  1. Snapseed – Snapseed, a photo editing app by Google, gets pretty much everything I might need to do done in one deft swoop. Everything from cropping to filters and spot repair, to adding realistic lens blurs and glow effects can be accomplished in this app. This is my go-to app when I need to do some quick editing on the fly.
  2. Phonto – If you need to add text to an image before it’s good to go, such as for watermarking or branding purposes, then Phonto is your best bet. This app could not be easier to use. You simply load the image you want to use, type in your text, and select the font. You can put multiple text boxes on any image, so if you want to put a quote and then add your website url, this app will get the job done in no time flat.
  3. Collage Photo Maker Pic Grid – If you need to combine multiple images, Layout from Instagram seems like an obvious choice. However, if you want to make your images more interesting and incorporate more photos than Layout allows, then you need Collage Photo Maker Pic Grid. It allows you to do all sorts of crazy layouts which incorporate interesting, dynamic shapes rather than the same old boring rectangle-based ones. You can also add text and filters using this app, so if you need to get something posted in a hurry, you can bypass the first two if you need to.

What are your favorite photography apps for Android? Leave the details in the comments and you may be featured in a future post in this series!

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