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Thank you for your interest in my writing! You can start here! I’ve compiled a list of my more popular posts, as well as links to all of the horror sites I write for, so that you can view my current work. Most of the posts here on Blogging Onward will concern writing, freelancing, and other such nonsense, but the horror writing pages feature everything from editorials and interviews to reviews of new movies and books.

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Horror Blogs

Wicked Horror
I write a little bit of everything for Wicked Horror. From comic collecting tutorials to comic reviews and star interviews, you can find it all here.

Horror Fuel
I exclusively write book reviews for Horror Fuel. I LOVE reading horror books because I LOVE writing horror books, so expect to see a variety of reviews of all books that go bump in the night here.

Gores Truly
Gores Truly was my first byline, and it’s where my heart is even after all this time. This site is where you’ll find my spooky crafting articles, as well as more film reviews and interviews. As a bonus, I also get to talk about awesome independent projects here, so be sure to #supportindie and read those pieces as well. (You’ll know them because they’re titled ‘Kickstarting Horror’.)

pitches-be-crazyIf yosolopreneur-shuffleu are interested in my independent publishing endeavors, current book releases, and finding out whether or not Spooky Words Press is currently accepting submissions, please check out (or click the tab at the top of the page.) You can find all the details there.