Planning 2017

Year planning is always frightening to me. Setting expectations and goals means that, as well as having a target to hit, I also have a target to MISS, and that can be terrifying.

planning-2017Planning 2017

What makes 2017 different is that heading out of 2016 I had a rush of copywriting sales. (Having a Black Friday sale was my best bad idea in a long time.) I realized how much demand there could be for copywriting in small, bite-sized chunks for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Even though I am still planning to work on some more specialized Whitepapers for larger businesses and flesh out a full portfolio, I don’t have to cut out the small business work that made me fall in love with writing and content marketing in the first place.

I realized that although I would like to niche down and become more specialized, part of what makes me passionate about the work I do is knowing what a huge difference I can make “for the little guy”. So, in essence, I’ve realized that I want to niche down but also want to game the system and do lots of work for small businesses who don’t necessarily need someone specialized to their industry just yet.

So What’s the Deal?

By June 2017 I want to have enough contracted copywriting clients on retainer that I can drop to part time hours at the day job. What does that mean? More time working on things I’m passionate about like fiction for my Patreon, and copy for small businesses, and who doesn’t want more of that?

The tentative plan is for me to have 160 hours per month accounted for with writing or editing contracts. I’d like to have 160 hours for each month allotted in 2017. So far I have 8 of those hours accounted for on a regular, monthly basis. (Several others are in negotiations at the moment, so keep your fingers crossed for me.) Now it’s time to lay it all out and work on getting the other 152 laid out.

Where do you come in?

You get the benefit of my years of experience, research skills, education, and resourcefulness but don’t have to pay me to work for you, exclusively full time.

content-for-allWhat Would You Do With a Writer on Staff?

For many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups it isn’t practical or feasible to have a full-time content writer on staff. While you’d love to have a pro take a crack at your blog posts, newsletters, and social media content it may just not be practical to have someone on hand full time.

That’s where I come in.

I want to be your writer on call. I want to be able to take an idea you have and run with it. Nothing would make me happier than to help get your business featured on the Huffington Post or Buzzfeed, but to make that happen we need to work together.

Please reach out by emailing with your ideas, and I’ll be happy to chat about the possibilities and details!

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