Get the Power of a WordPress Site Without Tech Headaches

Wish you could have a WordPress site without tech headaches? Look no further!

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, aspiring author, or starting freelancer – you need a solid web presence. Many companies choose to get their footing on social media first, but they should always be wary of building their primary following on a platform they do not have full control over. With that said, business/author/public figure profiles are an integral part of conducting business, but they will never replace the website in terms of building credibility and sharing content in a universal format.

Be Wary of Bad Advice

Many novices recommend trying drag and drop solutions like Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace to build your website. These platforms claimed to be designed with basic tech users in mind. While that may be accurate, they also lack the security and customization options that serious authors and business people need. Adding these features can become costly, and without many of the features offered by other platforms, folks tend to outgrow their Wix/Weebly/Squarespace sites quickly. WordPress, on the other hand, has maintained their position at the head of the pack in terms of SEO relevancy, customization, and easy to implement upgrades and software features. (Plus, the fact that it’s open source means that it is FREE and easy to find support for.)

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