Facebook Branding and Entertainment Blogging

facebook-branding-and-entertainment-bloggingIf you saw my awkward attempt at being live on Facebook, then you also caught my announcement that my feed will be pretty much unchanged by the new Facebook Branding roll out. Since I also do entertainment blogging for an assortment of Horror Websites, people were worried about my posting of images/references to things I don’t own. (In the past I’ve been known to share teaser images I’m sent, as well as links to news articles that I find on the web.) What it boils down to: Facebook branding and entertainment blogging do not play nicely together.

The fact of the matter is I’m not a verified page, even though I’ve gone through the process of becoming “verified”, Facebook didn’t think I was notorious enough to give their version of the dark mark. My stance?


The Issue

The policy essentially states that you can’t share anything that doesn’t belong to you, but in jargony lawyer-speak.

any post — including text, photos, videos, Instant Articles, links, 360 videos, and Live videos — that features a third party product, brand, or sponsor. It is typically posted by media companies, celebrities, or other influencers.

and branded content on pages as: content originating from the Page owner that features third party products, brands, or sponsors that are different from the Page owner.

Since I count as an influencer (damn you, journalistic inclinations!), that means me.

What it means, essentially for me (and for you, if you’re also unverified):

  • No images/texts/posts/links to or containing things which fall under a copyright.
  • No sponsored images or links, at all. This includes Affiliate Links.
  • It sucks to be us if we want to monetize our status as influencers.

What it means for the verified people:

  • More rules to follow, yay! (If your post doesn’t follow Facebook guidelines, then they’ll take it down. Think of it as Facebook Ad regulations on steroids.)
  • You have to tag the owner of the brand you’re posting about, and the owner will be able to see information (statistics would be my guess) about the posts you’re making with them tagged. (Big Brother is watching, and he’s just handed the binoculars to his friend.) A small bonus? They might opt to pay to boost your post based on its performance, which will drive up your engagement numbers.

All is Not Lost!

Facebook Branding and entertainment blogging don’t have to be a huge hassle or impossibility. My personal workaround (until I end up in Facebook jail) will be as follows:

  • Share links to horror reviews written on Wicked Horror, Gores Truly, and Horror Fuel because I wrote those and am affiliated with those names/brands.
  • Share links to Blogging Onward content because duh, that’s mine.
  • Share links and posts which indicates when SUPER COOL content which features a brand/product/etc. is being shared by me on a social media network. I am a writer and therefore a master of being vague when necessary.

Want more detailed information? ComoBlog has written an excellent post which breaks down the new policy.

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