Choosing a Niche and Sticking to It

As a copy writer choosing-a-nichethere is one thing that I’ve been putting off doing for the last two years. That thing is choosing a niche. I’ve loved having the freedom to gauge projects individually based on my interest in them and availability. I’ve also relished in having the opportunity to work with so many different business owners.

That Isn’t Enough To Be A Pro

The problem with being a Jack of All Trades, Master of None approach is the fact that only masters of their trade get to command decent wages. If you want to be able to make a living as a freelancer, you need to become an expert in a niche. I wish that wasn’t the way of the world, but it is.

You cannot command the rates you deserve unless people know you specialize in the area they need help with. The only way folks will believe you are an expert at what they need help with is if they think that is the only thing you do.

What’s a Writer To Do?

Pick a specialization. Create a website or portfolio to showcase that work, exclusively. Then wait. Choosing a niche is a lot like choosing to write. It takes moxie and a sort of fake it until you make it enthusiasm. I might be a decent writer, but am I good enough to claim to SPECIALIZE in things?

That’s what I’m going to find out. My specialization up until this point has been small businesses. That means tight budgets. That means lots of work with little compensation. If I want to be able to fully spread my wings and shed the work I don’t want to be doing in favor of more fiction writing, then I’m going to need to niche-down and locate what it is that I’m best at. (Providing, of course, that it is also somewhat lucrative. The starving artist trope is so tired.)

So please, accompany me on this journey as I try to find my niche in copywriting. I’ll share my experiences trying to build a LESS DIVERSIFIED portfolio, because that is a thing I need now that I want to be able to survive, and will let you know what it’s like as someone who gets distracted and disinterested very easily as I try to work on doing JUST ONE THING.

Wish me luck, folks. 😉

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