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2016 Ends Soon!

Your Content Needs to Crush It.

Let a Pro Help

I Need a Do-Over

Let’s face it. 2016 was a rough year. Between the celebrity deaths and the exhausting US Presidential election, I’m beyond over it. That’s why I’m offering crazy sales on my tailored copywriting services for business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s important that your content really speak to your ideal client. Unfortunately, even though a lot of business owners know who their ideal client is, they don’t necessarily know how to talk to them.

Afraid of Being Sales-y? — Let Me Take the Wheel

Writing about what you do is hard. (Not as hard as *doing* it, but still rough.) If you’ve found that you’re great at your biz, but aren’t so fantastic at sharing it with others, let me help you.

I have over a decade of writing and sales experience under my belt and I have a passion for getting into the head, heart, and wallet of your customers. I know you can help them, the trick is getting them to appreciate that.

So What’s the Deal?

You want to end 2016 with a bang, or maybe you’re already planning 2017’s content marketing strategy. Whatever the case may be, I’m ready to help your business take it to the next level. I’m so confident you’ll love the writing I do for you that I offer unlimited revisions until you’re sure your clients will love it for 90 days. That’s 90 days of working hard to make sure your content kicks ass.

I’m only offering these rates til 8am EST on 11/29.
Act fast or miss out!

If you’re not prepared to take the leap on a big package just yet, that’s fine. Email me (fox[at] we’ll discuss what your needs are and I’ll quote a discounted rate on my a la carte blogging or website content services.

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