Beating Writer’s Block: Forget About It

I’ve been doing a few videos recently regarding how to kick writer’s block and get your creativity in gear to make this a year of productivity for you. The way I’m suggesting you beat writer’s block today is changing your environment. Hear me out on this one, I’m not advocating for picking up and moving across the country (though, let’s face it, that would probably do something to your muse).

Let’s be honest, an issue that is ALWAYS floating around writing groups is how to defeat writer’s block. As long as there are writers, there will always be reasons for writers to struggle with actually doing the work. That’s one thing that many writers forget when talking about issues which keep them from writing. There are a lot of different things that may hold writers of all kinds (from fiction to memoir to non-fiction and copy writing, to anything in between!)

That’s what prompted me to begin a short video series (six videos, and they’re all less than 5 minutes each) about how you can beat writers block every time it comes knocking. There’s no reason why you need to suffer just because your muse is playing hard to get. Check out the video below, and make sure that you subscribe on Youtube or check them out, here!

Think you’ll need help staying motivated? I’ve created a few wallpapers to help keep you on track. You can download them here

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