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From Awkward Outcast to Writing Maven


Standing out amidst the noise can seem impossible. The thought of having potential clients pull up your website or blog and just GET you feels like a pipe dream. Having them immediately understand what you do and why it’s important would be ideal. Those same prospective clients would also listen to your offers with rapt attention instead of clicking away to check out your competitors or return to watching cat videos on YouTube. You’d love to be able to capture your passion and enthusiasm for your field but often find yourself struggling to make any words come out, much less the right ones. There’s good news, though. My favorite thing to do in life is to interview my clients and translate their gushing enthusiasm for what they do into compelling writing.


That’s the dream I want to make a reality for every entrepreneur, startup, and company I work with. I want people to pull up your website and get hooked. Back in college, I read a lot of amazing research about how students, instructors, and health care providers could teach or train themselves or others more effectively. (Yet, in the real world, none of the improved methods were actually being used.) My areas of study were Behavior Analysis and Writing and Rhetoric, and they constantly did battle in my head and on the page. Psychology academic research seems to only be publishable the less it makes sense, and writing is largely the opposite – with millions of voices clamoring to be heard and understood. My goal at school was to make valuable academic contributions make sense to the average person who didn’t understand the jargon and terminology and make the findings of each study accessible to the folks who could stand to benefit. Now, I put that same obsessive emphasis on being understood to work for businesses and entrepreneurs who aren’t clicking with their ideal clients and who need to say what their super powers are without leaning heavily on their industry technobabble.

When I was growing up, I wasn’t a popular kid. I was a little girl in a rural area who liked to climb trees, pretend I was Indiana Jones, and play superheroes – so most kids my age thought I was weird and left me alone. As a kid, I was devastated. Not fitting in, not having people who understand you, it is a heartbreaking existence. The silver lining is that in lieu of play dates with friends, my nose was always hovering a few inches too close to the pages of a book, so I began absorbing the adventures and fell deeper in love with language. This love of reading transformed into a love of writing as soon as we began penning essays in the second grade, and I’ve been passionate about putting pen to paper ever since. Because of my childhood ‘ugly duckling’ phase, I know what it’s like to have things you want to say to people but to not be able to express them in a way they understand. My childhood as a weird kid was spent doing nothing else, and it wasn’t until I found writing that I was able to bridge the gap between myself and my peers. That’s the same kind of connection I try to foster between my clients and their ideal customers, so I can honestly say it has been a lifelong pursuit.

How Do You Fit Into the Narrative?

On top of my copywriting services, I blog extensively here in the hopes that I can help small business owners, freelancers, and bloggers make a bigger splash. You can learn my favorite FREE tools for freelancers, writers, and bloggershow to beat writer’s block; where to find some amazing graphics for your website or blog; and some other great stuff.

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