Bad Neighborhood


Be sure to check out Bad Neighborhood, an internationally best-selling horror anthology for extreme horror fans. From ghosts to monsters and everything in between, you won’t be disappointed by this curious 29 author collection which centers around the theme of “home”.

In this chilling horror collection, 29 writers and poets have come together to share tales of the grotesque, the supernatural, and more. Their words will pluck you from your comfort zone and leave you for dead, or worse. Have you ever considered where evil bides its time when it’s not outside your door? What disturbing locale could make it feel safe? We’ve all heard that home is where the heart is, but alas, that heart is sometimes racing…

We hope you live in a good neighborhood.

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bad-neighborhood-coverAbout the Book

29 Authors & Poets; 2 Artists; 1 Theme

The theme for this anthology was ‘home’. That idea manifested in a variety of different ways. Writers were literally told to let their imaginations run wild, and they did not disappoint!

Love Contemporary, Gore-Filled Horror?

Fans of American Horror Story will find a lot to love about Bad Neighborhood. Suspense, intrigue, plot twists, and healthy servings of violence and gore are sure to keep the pages turning.

Who’s Part of this Project?

Richard Ayre, Fox Emm, Adam S. House, John McGuiggan, Matthew O’Leary, Louisa Bacio, Norbert Gorá, Matthew J. Hockey, Malachy MdDermott, L. B. Shimaira, Charlotte Baker, Kathryn M. Hearst, Ariel Klontz, Rachel Nussbaum, Sharon Twizell, Josh Wilson, Rudy Barrett, LinnieSarah Helpern, Jonathan Moeller, Riley J. Pierce, Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, Roger Beckett, Neil Hudson, K. Z. Morano, Benjamin Sperduto, Hugh Warren, John L. Davis IV, Mac Jones, Lori Myers, Luke Schamer, & Jenna Weaver

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“…Dave was busy with a meat mallet, tenderizing the slab of beef that lay before him on the counter. As he pounded away, his attention began to shift from the piece of dead animal to his left hand. Thump. Thump. Thump… The moment the hammer landed on his flesh, crushing the bones inside, he started to laugh….”

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