3 Free iPhone Photo Editing Apps

top-3-free-iphone-photo-editing-appsSo we’ve talked about ways to edit photos with your computer, and with your android device in the how to survive without Photoshop as a blogger series, but now it’s time to talk about free iPhone photo editing apps. Although recently Apple has seen a drop in iPhone sales with the release of their newest model, there are still an estimated 800 million idevice users worldwide. (At least as recently as 2014, anyway.)

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your iPhone photos, look no further! I’ve collected my top 3, absolute favorite free photo editing apps for iOS.

  1. Snapseed – If you read my Android device article, then you have heard of Snapseed. Surprise, surprise, its iOS counterpart is taking the gold, too. It’s really easy to use and offers options for adjusting everything from warmth/temperature of your photos and brightness, to “healing” small, unwanted elements so they disappear from your photos. It also offers filters, textures, and blurs to modify the feel of any image. Essentially, if you want a wonderful one stop shop for editing images with your iPhone, choose Snapseed.
  2. VSCO – This app works as a photo editor OR a camera, which is unique for this post series. The main appeal is that they’ve managed to load some of the same elements they utilize in their Adobe Lightroom presets into their filters. (Because the same company who creates this app also works with Adobe. Do you like where this is going, too?) The strong point of this app is (somewhat obviously) their filters, and even with just the basic set the app is a powerhouse. You can download additional sets, some of which are free and others require a small fee.Whether you’re using the ones the app comes with or downloading additional ones, the great thing about their filters is they aren’t as intense/strong as many out there, so photos still look very natural after being enhanced.
  3. Lens Distortions – One of the things I enjoy most when photo editing is being able to play with lens flares and textures. The thing that puts “lens distortion” is the way it draws its elements from actual photos of lights, haze, and more. If you love the base set, additional elements can be purchased to continue varying your images long after your initial download.

What are your favorite free iPhone photo editing apps? I’d love to know what other tools you’ve found that I’m not using. (Who knows? I might need to modify my top 3!)

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