Tired of Looking Unprofessional, but Intimidated by WordPress?

Are you thinking of taking your writing to the next level? You know you need a website and blog to help build the "platform" publishers and book sellers claim you need, but you're stuck on how to actually create it.

Or, do you have an online business, and are sick of paying (and waiting on) designers to make the minor changes you need done to your site?

If it’s time for you to take the bull by the horns and finally learn WordPress, this workshop is for you!

Learning WordPress will save you time and money! You won’t need to hire a designer and wait for them to set up your site or make changes to your existing site. After you take this workshop, you’ll know how to do these things yourself!

Get Everything You Need to Start Using WordPress, Today!

  • You’ll learn the basics – from how to install WordPress to how to create posts and pages.
  • You’ll learn which pages your website needs – and how to create easy navigation, so your readers will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • You’ll learn how to personalize the back end of your site, by adding the plugins you need, as well as how to customize the appearance of your site with a customized home page and header.

Here's a Peek at What's Included

Immediate Access to 12 Step-by-Step Training Videos

  • Installing WordPress
  • Settings - Tools - Comments
  • Choosing A Theme
  • Updating WordPress
  • Plugins
  • Creating Pages
  • Creating Posts
  • Inserting Photos & Videos
  • Categories & Tags
  • Creating Menus & Navigation
  • Sidebars, Widgets, and Customized Home Pages
  • Creating & Installing Customized Headers

Each video comes with a checklist to ensure you're prepared to execute each aspect before moving on to the next module.

You'll Also Receive the Following Workbooks

  • Welcome To WordPress - 10 Things To Do Right Away
  • Make Sure Your Website + Blog Are Making A Good First Impression
  • 10 Things Every Website + Blog Need
  • Plugins To Help Power Your Website + Blog
  • 10 Things To Do AFTER Your Website + Blog Are Set Up
  • How to Create Compelling Pages

Plus, These Bonus Resources

  • A Resources List of Tried, Tested, & Recommended Websites I Can't Live Without
  • A Complete List of FREE Plugins That Will Make Your Site Rock

Not Sure if WordPress is Right for You?

Let's break down some of the reasons why WordPress has been an industry standard and a pioneer in website development and blogging for over 10 years.

WordPress is open source, which means it's free! You will need to buy a domain (URL), and purchase web hosting, but you will never spend money on the WordPress software.

Plus, since it's open source, other developers are constantly working on things to make improvements. There are hundreds of people across the globe working on it, and it is updated regularly.

You don’t have to pay for the upgrades. But it is great knowing that you are working on a software that is constantly being improved, to deliver you the BEST results.

WordPress is popular! This means that you will always be able to find help when you get stuck. If you ever come across something that you don’t understand, someone will have an answer for you. There’s a wide community of people using WordPress, from home business owners to large international corporations.

There are many people who specialize in WordPress design. If you ever decide you want a fancy customized theme, you can easily hire someone to create it for you.

Another bonus is that because it’s so popular, you will find that many of the other applications and programs you use will integrate with WordPress.

Try the WordPress Workshop, today!

August 20th the WordPress Workshop will return to the vault and only be available to those who purchase the F*ck Their Rules: A Course & Toolkit for Self-Publication. To grab it outside of the full program for a reduced rate, act fast!