Welcome to Blogging Onward

Welcome to Blogging Onward

thanks-for-stopping-by;-i'm-starting-overHello! Welcome to Blogging Onward.

If you’ve visited the site before, especially if you’ve visited recently, you may have noticed that the site has undergone a fairly extensive overhaul. The reason for that is less positive than I had planned. A while back, I purchased a pack of WordPress themes that I eventually wanted to try out. I wasn’t in a rush, and I had already implemented a new layout over the summer, so I wasn’t in a rush.

Unfortunately, fate had other plans. A blogging group I’m a part of was a flutter with bloggers who suggested that I should try a different plugin to add watermarks to my images. The plugin I used before was a little gaudy, so I thought I would try it out. Long story short, something in the plugin I used initially modified the original WordPress source code, and made it impossible for me to use ANY images after I removed their plugin. (Lame, right?) What does that mean? Well, despite back ups, most of the photos and articles I had cultivated to create Blogging Onward these last ten months have been lost.

Rather than focusing on the negative, that obvious loss of content, I instead will embrace the positive. This gives me an opportunity to begin fresh with a new layout, with a new approach to graphics, and a new lease on blogging altogether. I know much more now than I did when I started in January of 2015, and I’m thrilled to be able to put that knowledge to better use by rebuilding my site from the ground up.

Expect to see more posts about the horror anthology, other publishing projects that I’m working on, and expect to see a broader portfolio of my work (editing, writing, the works!) I’ll still be working on writing resources, and I do have back ups of my most popular posts, so I’ll be bringing those back to life very soon.

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