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Writing Your Memoir – an eBook Resource

Writing Your Memoir

Many of us have thought about sharing our story, but struggle with the execution. Who would want to read about me? What is worth reading about? It’s time to kick those doubts to the curb, and start writing! If you enjoyed the Memoir Writing post series here on Blogging Onward, then you’re sure to love the Writing Your Memoir eBook. Not only does it feature the tips, tricks, and resources offered here on the blog, but it includes several exercises and tools which have never been featured here before, as well as tips on how to effectively outline your memoir to make planning and execution a breeze!


  • Introduction
  • Content
  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • Outlining
  • Recalling Memories
  • Writing a Book Blurb
  • Exercises & Resources
    • Audience Guide
    • Brainstorm Guide
    • Desire Building
    • Averting Obstacles
    • Memory Recall
    • Book Blurb Practice

All of these sections were drafted with the goal of helping you. Writing your memoir is one of the most important things you can do to preserve your legacy, and share your story. I’d love to be a part of that. In fact, if you know that you’d like to have me take a look at your book blurb when you write it (using my methods, of course) – you can order that, too – right now! If I haven’t heard from you in a week of purchase with your blurb to evaluate, I’ll reach out and see where you are on the project. (See? A nudge to keep going is included, absolutely free!)

Want to Read More in 2016? Huge Kindle Discount!

Read-more-in-2016Want to read more in 2016? Start the year off right with something spooky! For a limited time, Bad Neighborhood will be on sale for Kindle. If you’re like me, your goal for ‘number of books read’ for the year is always much longer than you end up having time for. I’ve found that the trick is to start strong so that when your schedule begins to fill up throughout the year you can still make your goal. (It’s an approach that seems to work for Nanowrimo, so why not for reading?)

The sale on Amazon will go into effect for Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk customers, I’m not able to change rates for Amazon.ca or any other areas yet, but if I do I will be sure to announce it!

Amazon.com – or USA Readers:

The US-based sale will run from January 1, 2016 at 8am EST-January 8, 2016 at 3am EST. Keep reading, though! The sale will have different prices throughout, with each step heading back towards the original $4.99 price tag. Please pounce on these deals while you can, because we don’t intend to drop the price this dramatically in the near future.

January 1 8a-January 2 8a: This will be the greatest discount by far. For this short 24 hour span, you can get Bad Neighborhood for your Kindle or other mobile device (using the FREE Kindle Reading App) for the ridiculously low price of $0.99! That’s 81% off retail, and you WILL NOT find a better price anywhere.

January 2 8am EST-January 4, 8am EST: Bad Neighborhood will be $1.99. With $3.00 off a book containing 29 stories, poems, and multiple pieces of original artwork, this isn’t an ebook deal to be missed!

January 4, 8am EST-January 6, 8am EST: If you missed the first several days of sales, don’t fret. The book will only be $2.99 from Jan 4-Jan 6.

January 6, 8am EST-January 8, 3am EST: Our multi-author horror anthology from Spooky Words Press will be on sale for $3.99 until January 8th at 3am EST when it returns to its regular $4.99 price.

Amazon.co.uk – or UK Readers:

The UK sale will be shorter and have fewer price tiers, so please take note of what the rate is prior to making a purchase. This sale will run from January 5th and 9am GMT (4am EST) to January 10 at 12am GMT. If you’ve been thinking about getting Bad Neighborhood you won’t find a better time. As I stated in the above section, we won’t be dropping the price this dramatically in the near future.

January 5 at 9am GMT-January 7 at 9am GMT: You will be able to buy Bad Neighborhood for the low, low price of £0.99.

January 7 at 9am GMT-January 10, 12am GMT: The ebook will be £1.99. After midnight on January 10, the book will return to its original price!

Not in the UK or US, but want to be notified of sales when they happen? Please sign up for our mailing list. For a limited time, when you subscribe to receive emails from us, you will receive a pdf copy of one of the chapters in Bad Neighborhood free – so check your inbox for our email after you hit “subscribe”.

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Black Friday Deals for Book Lovers!

black-friday-dealsHi all! I’m writing because today is Black Friday which means that there are some AMAZING deals out there for book lovers, freelancers, and those who want to learn. (Plus all the cool tech gadgets and everything else that you can find out there, duh.)

I’ll share a few cool deals that I found for those of us who aren’t fans of duking it out against fellow shoppers in the cold to get the best deal, but who would rather spend our time sipping cocoa and clicking away savings from the comfort of our homes. Who is the titan of holiday book savings this Black Friday? None other than Amazon!!

I’m a huge Amazon fan, I do admit, but that’s because they offer convenience and free shipping once they’ve convinced me to spend a fairly reasonable amount of money, so who doesn’t love that?

The first deal of theirs is really awesome of those of us who love physical copies of books. Using code Holiday30 you can get 30% off any physical book that is sold and shipped by Amazon, up to $10. The link I included takes you to the terms and conditions, but how awesome is that?!

If you or someone on your shopping list is a fan of magazines, they are running a promotion where many of their Magazines are for sale from $5! That’s an amazing rate, especially for magazines like WIRED and Cosmopolitan.

For those who prefer electronic magazines and books to physical copies, Amazon still has you covered. Their best-selling Kindle Fire, 7″ Display is on sale for only $34.99, which is an unthinkable price for a new tablet/e-reader.

Find a better deal on books (Hard copy or e-reader)? I want to know about it! Sound off in the comments so I can share more deals with other avid readers.