Blog Ideas for Coaches

This resource is filled to the brim with blog ideas for coaches. There are 104 unique blog post ideas tailored specifically for coaches of all types – life coaches, business coaches, health coaches and more. 104 unique blog post ideas means that you can have two posts every week for a full year! (Assuming you don’t repeat any ideas, though many can easily be turned into numerous posts.)

Your Yearly Marketing Plan

You Need a Marketing Plan

Really and truly, if you want to see persistent growth of your business, website, or blog then you need a marketing plan. Without a plan, you can’t expect to see results or replicate them if by some miracle you happen to succeed. This marketing plan includes 52 (one for each week!) marketing strategies you can begin employing RIGHT NOW to get your name out there, present yourself as an expert in your field or niche, and bring paying customers your way.

For a limited time I’m offering my guide to marketing and business growth for $12.00. For $1 per month you’ll get 52 different strategies for building your brand and boosting your credibility. Act now, before it’s too late!

A Year of Blog Ideas


Keep Your Blog Ideas Fresh

Do you find that you’re struggling to come up with blog ideas, and create new content for your website? Don’t waste time brainstorming and trying to create dynamic, engaging post ideas. Your time is much better spent engaging with your readers, building your audience, and actually writing posts.

In this simple, easy to follow guide you will find 156 different blog post ideas that will help you build the human element of your business website and create more interesting content for your blog.

What’s more, if you post less frequently than three times a week, this eBook will provide you with MORE THAN A YEAR OF CONTENT.

year of blog ideasTake Advantage of this Price While You Can!

For a dollar a month, you’re getting 12+ blog article concepts.

If you’re a coach, get a similar resource tailored exclusively to you! Visit the Blog Ideas for Coaches download, instead.

Writing Your Memoir – an eBook Resource

Writing Your Memoir

Many of us have thought about sharing our story, but struggle with the execution. Who would want to read about me? What is worth reading about? It’s time to kick those doubts to the curb, and start writing! If you enjoyed the Memoir Writing post series here on Blogging Onward, then you’re sure to love the Writing Your Memoir eBook. Not only does it feature the tips, tricks, and resources offered here on the blog, but it includes several exercises and tools which have never been featured here before, as well as tips on how to effectively outline your memoir to make planning and execution a breeze!


  • Introduction
  • Content
  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • Outlining
  • Recalling Memories
  • Writing a Book Blurb
  • Exercises & Resources
    • Audience Guide
    • Brainstorm Guide
    • Desire Building
    • Averting Obstacles
    • Memory Recall
    • Book Blurb Practice

All of these sections were drafted with the goal of helping you. Writing your memoir is one of the most important things you can do to preserve your legacy, and share your story. I’d love to be a part of that. In fact, if you know that you’d like to have me take a look at your book blurb when you write it (using my methods, of course) – you can order that, too – right now! If I haven’t heard from you in a week of purchase with your blurb to evaluate, I’ll reach out and see where you are on the project. (See? A nudge to keep going is included, absolutely free!)