Copywriting Services

copywriting-servicesNeed copywriting services for your business that will make you stand out, while making your customers take notice? Look no further! Whether the problem is that your website isn’t attracting your ideal clients, your marketing campaigns are getting low returns, you’re not getting as many “opens” on your newsletters as you’d like, or your content isn’t richly optimized with SEO – I would be happy to help! Please check out the below descriptions for details about my most popular services, and then reach out to me to discuss the particular scope of your project. Email me at fox[at] with your specific project ideas so that I can quote you a personalized package based on your needs. (If you’d rather chat, you can schedule a call with me here.)

Ghostwriting is a lost art now that we live in a world with content mills and “writers” who would rather plagiarize material using Google and Copy & Paste than creating unique content for their clients. Frankenstein articles copied directly from a variety of sources are dangerous for your business! Even using an image that isn’t sourced properly can result in hefty fines, but you don’t have to worry about that when you utilize my services. Every piece that I create is entirely original, and anything ordered as a piece of ‘ghostwriting’ does not require any credit to be posted on your website, in your newsletter, or anywhere else that you decide to use my work. Include it in your eCourses, webinars, eBooks and more! If you’re inquiring about blog posts specifically, check out the detailed description below.

Sales Copy is going to be necessary as long as we have things to buy. It is important when writing sales content for any business or organization to understand what tone is most effective, and what methods work to turn leads into conversions. With the massive quantity of ‘Buy me, buy me!’ messages that flood our televisions, cell phones, and social media accounts, writers need to understand the psychology of sales and be experts in what separates a compelling lead page from those which fail. If you need to spice up any of your marketing content, drop me a line! I’d love to turn your readers into customers!

Newsletter Content is essential for businesses and organizations trying to make an impression in the digital age. A great way to build your email marketing list is to provide great content both on your website and in your newsletter. Do you have an idea, but aren’t sure of how to implement it? Message me! I’m happy to help you brainstorm and create something your customers and readers will be happy to have in their inbox. Compelling content can only help your business stand out!

Web Content is often neglected in business but is absolutely necessary. Whether you’ve had your website for five minutes or five years, you need to have interesting, informative, or entertaining content available. This rule goes for all of the pages you’ve created. Whether you’re looking to revamp the basics such as your about me and services provided pages or you need something completely different created based on the needs of your target customers, I can help. Look below for details about my most popular web content package, and then reach out. I’d love to help you reach your ideal clients in your authentic voice.

Sound good? Let’s Talk Samples:

Click here to download a compressed pack of my ghostwritten copywriting samples. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let me know! I have many more samples to show you. Once you’ve taken a peek at my work, Email me to get more information, to get a quote, or to see if I can help with something not on this list! Foxemmwrites[at]

Website Copy Powerhouse Package

This package is for folks who are launching their first website, re-branding, or who simply want to give their site content an overhaul. You want your business to resonate with and attract your dream clients. That means letting them know everything they need to know about you, your mission, and what you do in a voice that they will relate to, and will match your tone. For this price, you’ll get 4 pages of content for your website that is custom written for you to reflect not only your brand and brand values but who your customers are. What are you really getting?

  • Home – This page is typically the most frequented on any website. This page needs to draw in clients, and convince them to stick around. It is through this page that people may encounter your brand for the first time. It’s my job to be sure they like what they see! The good news? I’m fantastic at helping businesses just like yours make great, lasting first impressions.
  • About – The ‘About’ page is the second most visited page on your site, which makes it one of the most important. Why is that bad? It wouldn’t be, except that it tends to be the most difficult page for people to write about themselves and their business. (Trust me, you’ll thank me for taking it off your hands.)
  • Services/”Work With Me” – Odds are, making sales is what drives your organization. (It certainly is if you’re a business.) In order to have high sales, you’ll need to appeal to your ideal client in a way that doesn’t come off as sleazy or overly sales-y. You need to convince them you’re the best for them, but do so in a way that feels authentic. That’s a lot of pressure for a web page, but it can handle it – I promise!
  • Another 1 Page of Your Choice – Do you want a tailored ‘thank you’ page for when someone makes a purchase through your web store, signs up for your mailing list, or sends an inquiry through your website? What about an original 404 page that will make people curious about the rest of your site, even if they’re lost? You can upgrade this bonus page to a customized funnel for your opt-in, course, or other content for a flat $100 fee.

The best part? I offer unlimited revisions for 30 days. That means if I don’t get it right on the first shot, we’ll keep tweaking until it sounds like you and represents your brand the way you’ve always wanted. What good is that shiny branding work if you don’t have the copy to back it up?


Want an individual webpage rewrite or creation?

If there’s just one page that you need to have spiced up, reworked, or created, have no fear. I’ll write any home page, about page, or services/”work with me” pages for a flat $75. Any other pages need work? Just ask! I’d love to whip up something special for your site. If you’d rather chat, you can schedule a call with me here. Need a sales or lead page written or content for a sales funnel? Make sure to include the upgrade! – I offer unlimited revisions for 30 days on individual page writing, too.

Blog Boosting

Have you existing content that needs to be spiced up? Don’t have the spark that makes casual viewers stand up and take notice? (Or at least subscribe.) I rewrite existing blog posts, or create new ones a la carte & on retainer. If you need more than 6 posts written per calendar month, or would like details on this service, please contact me directly via email or if you’d rather chat, you can schedule a call with me here.

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Individual Posts

$70 – 1 New Blog Post/Article Written from Topics You Provide, includes basic (non-academic or highly technical) research. (Maximum word counts may apply.) – The best part? Unlimited revisions for 30 days.

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Blog Boost Package

$250 - 4 New Blog Posts/Articles Written from Topics You Provide, includes basic (non-academic or highly technical) research. (Maximum word counts may apply.) - The best part? Unlimited revisions for 30 days.


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